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Software Engineering Internship at Capital One

June 2020 - August 2020

Software Engineer Intern in TDP Program

At Capital One, I learned a lot about different technologies. I Coded AWS lambdas in Python that communicated via HTTP, used CI/CD tools (Jenkins) & Docker to automate deployment, and I worked with AWS, NoSQL, IAM, Git, Docker, Linux CLI, Kibana & unit/acceptance tests to create a data quality pipeline

Columbia Virtual Campus

April 2020 - Present

Technical Project Manager & Founding Team Member

At Columbia Virtual Campus, I managed a team to develop the frontend/backend of the CVC website while working closely with a design and communications/outreach team. I also learned a lot about ReactJS, NodeJS, Firebase through programming the website. While managing the events/socialize team, we reached milestone of 200 unique viewers on a weekly basis.


July 2020 - Present


More coming soon.

Software Consultant at FPoliSolutions

August 2019 - Current

Consultant Software Engineer

After my internship at FPoli, I was offered to work part-time while at Columbia University. Currently, I work on various projects including two factor authentication system, data processing, analyzing complex and simple runtimes, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Intern at FPoliSolutions

Summer 2019

Software Engineer Intern

At FPoli, I created a testing suite using PHPUnit and Selenium. After that, I took the initiative to change the model component of their MVC configuration from client-sided data processing to server-sided processing. In addition, I coded some frontend designs for their login portal such as HTML forms for forgot password, create account, or login as well as the SQL and backend code.

Intern-like Position at PathWays in IT Dept.

Spring 2019

Exploring: Being a Project Manager

Along with CIS 400, aiding a non-profit organization (Pathways) was a requirement. With this internship-like position at Pathways, I worked under Aaron to help with planning and executing a small project in the IT department.

Internship at Powertrain Inc.

July 2015 - August 2015

Cordova and Phonegap

During this internship, I learned how to 'code' phone applications for iPhone, Android, and Windows. We used Cordova and Phonegap to make our code in HTML and convert it to the correct API.

Investigated Database Concepts with Professor Hallenbeck

Spring 2017

Digitizing the W&J Library

I was given the opportunity by Professor Hallenbeck to help digitize the library by exploring oprtions through Access Database manager. Although not explicitly used in this position, my knowledge of MYSQL and database concepts helped in this process.

Private Research with Dr. McCracken

Summer 2016

Research of Particle Decays

In this paid summer research opportunity, I used Python to investigate the use of machine learning in classification of particle decays. This included making graphs with Python and analyzing these graphs to get some physical meaning. We used methods like kNN and trees.

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